塚田妙子                           Taeko Tsukada


  • 日本酒学講師                   

  • 国際唎酒師・焼酎唎酒師   

  • ワインエキスパート             

Certified Sake & Shochu Educator (Sake Service Institute, Japan)

Certified Sake & Shochu Sommelier (Sake Service Institute, Japan)

Certified Wine Expert  (Japan Sommelier Association, Japan)

After graduating university, I was a career woman who grew to love and enjoy quality alcohol beverages such as nihonshu, shochu and wine.  I became such an enthusiast, I attended professional courses to satisfy my thirst for a deeper understanding.

In May 2015, I finally decided to share my passion with a wider audience and founded Taste Navigator.  My objective is to share my perspectives on Japan and its culture with the wider world through sake and shochu.

Nihonshu and shochu are traditional Japanese alcohol beverages that are gaining popularity in Singapore. However, many people have yet to develop a good understanding of what they are, how they taste or how to enjoy them e.g. with food.

My goal is to help you navigate the world of sake and shochu.  Learn a bit and enjoy a lot.  Let's find the sake for you!


大学を卒業後、会社員として働く傍ら、ワイン、日本酒、焼酎をこよなく愛し、資格を取得するほどの愛飲家として酒道を究めてきました。2015年5月にTaste Navigatorを設立し、長年の夢であった日本酒・焼酎を通して日本文化を世界に伝え、広げていくことを目的に活動を開始しました。