Our Service




Do you find it challenging to choose the right sake for you in a restaurant or at the supermarket?

We will help you to find YOUR sake. Our workshops are ideal for those who seek to know more about nihonshu and shochu in an informal and fun manner.  We are able to tailor the workshops to meet your needs.





Are your staff ready to serve sake?    We provide staff training and conduct knowledge clinics for restaurants and retail shops. Serving sake in the right way and with the right knowledge will maximize the potential of your sake sales.  We are able to customise our sessions to cater for your unique needs and challenges.





Want to add a little something to your event?

We plan and organize private or corporate sake tastings or sake and food pairings.  We can hold these events in restaurants, bars or at your home for a select group of your friends.   



Translation and Interpretation


Need a translator?  Need an intepreter?  Our expertise in the language of sake and our English proficiency greatly help non-Japanese speakers learn quickly.  English - Japanese; Japanese - English; sake lingo to beer/wine/spirits lingo and vice versa.



.........and much more !